About UK Letters (UK Open Letters and video)


About UK Letters (UK Open Letters)

UK Letters - Open Letters UK History

Many years ago, our founder (who is a fully qualified computer engineer) made his living by travelling the UK and repairing computer systems, setting up and reconfiguring networks, designing systems etc. He realised that many people lose the recovery disks which were supplied with new computers and therefore concluded that a market must exist for the supply of replacement disks when the manufacturer ceased to supply them.

He therefore contacted the manufacturers and Microsoft to discover whether there were any objections to him supplying the disks. Given the "green light", he then began supplying replacement disks until Microsoft effectively withdrew permission and effectively forced the business to close.

This caused significant hardship and our founder developed a new system which did not cause issues with Microsoft (disks were presented to MS for evaluation - they passed).

However; some time later, we were again attacked by Microsoft and their lawyers (please refer to http://www.gennersales.co.uk/mslies.htm for more info).

Following this attack, it occured to our founder that he had been talking to the wrong people, and talking in the wrong way.

Large companies tend to abuse their power, they tend to bully people and their staff tend to escape unpunished.

He reasoned "why not empower people to publicise such issues". ukletters.co.uk - UK Open Letters was born from the latest act of injustice and bullying from Microsoft as a means by which people can write open letters publicise issues, complaints, commendations, praise, thanks and general comments.

typically, these letters will be addressed to people "holding the reigns" within an organisation (eg; Richard Branson - Virgin, Malcolm Walker - Iceland and in our case; Satya Nadella and Bill Gates - Microsoft). Our thoughts are "those in power should be aware of the good and the bad about their organisations".

The intended recipients of letters will be contacted - told that open letters have been published online and we will work with local and national news media.